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Rios Pools builds and services steel wall, vinyl liner inground swimming pools.

We offer a variety of services to maintain every aspect of your pool, to ensure it’s in tip-top shape.

These services include:

Rios Pools - Auto Cover

Inground Pool Opening

  • Remove the pool cover.
  • MESH COVER – Fold the cover, place in its bag, and set aside to dry.
    WATER TUBE COVER – Rinse the cover, empty water tubes, and fold cover and water tubes.
  • Remove all winterizing plugs and gizmos.
  • Brush down walls and steps.
  • Lightly vacuum the pool bottom, to remove sediment.
  • Perform a preliminary water analysis.
  • MESH COVER – Drain the pool water, to the proper level.
    WATER TUBE COVER – Add water, to the proper level.
  • Clean the steps and skimmer with the proper cleansing solution.
  • Reinstall the skimmer baskets, eyeballs, handrails, and ladders.
  • Reconnect and start the filter system and heater. (Lighting the pilot, if applicable)
  • Add the start-up chemicals.
  • Place the solar cover onto the reel.
  • Hose down the deck area.
  • OPTIONAL – We can deliver your year’s supply of pool chemicals the day of your pool opening, at a 10% discount.
Inground Pool Opening
Inground Pool Opening

Inground Pool Maintenance

Rios Pools offers inground pool maintenance. A routine can be set up, (weekly, monthly, etc.) or one-time-only service is also available.

A typical maintenance service call could include: vacuuming your pool, emptying the skimmer baskets and leaf trapper, skimming debris off of the water surface, backwashing sand filters or cleaning cartridge filters (as necessary), washing down your pool walls, scrubbing your steps, testing your water, and balancing the water chemistry. We also offer free chemical delivery with any service call.

Inground Pool Closing

Properly closing your inground pool, assures the easiest possible opening the following season. When you call Rios Pools, for a closing, we’ll take care of all the dirty work.

A typical inground pool closing could include: draining the pool water below skimmer (if required), winterizing the plumbing lines, winterizing the pool skimmers, winterizing the pool’s equipment and water features, removing the ladders & handrails, and putting on your winter cover.

Inground Pool Closing
Inground Pool Closing
Inground Vinyl Liner Replacement
Inground Vinyl Liner Replacement

Inground Pool Liner Replacement

Unfortunately vinyl inground pool liners do wear out. If this is the case, or if you would just like a new look, Rios Pools can help! We can set up a consultation to show you a multitude of quality inground pool liners to choose from. Then, we’ll install the liner in your pool, and you will be ready to swim!

Inground Pool Consulting

Whether you have an inground pool question, are trying to resolve an issue, or just want to dream about the possibilities for your pool Rios Pools can accomodate. Don’t hesitate to call or email, a simple phone call can answer many questions, or we can set up a consultation to meet face to face and tackle any larger inquiries. We look forward to helping you!

Inground Pool Consulting
Inground Pool Consulting
Inground Pool Chemicals

Inground Pool Chemicals & Accessories

Rios Pools carries a full line of chemicals and accessories. Whether you need to stock up on bromine, or are interested in chlorine generators (a chlorine alternative) we can set you up! We even offer chemical delivery with any service call, at no additional charge!

Click here to view just some of the products we have available. Additionally, we carry inground pool pumps, filters, heaters, heat pumps, covers, water features, lights, and even slides. Give us a call, we’ll assess your situation, and provide you with whatever you may desire!

Inground Pool Repair

If your inground pool is in need of repair, Rios Pools can fix it up. We’ve seen a lot over the years, and can share our expertise with you, to make your pool work the way it should. Drop us a line, and we’ll help you get your pool, on the road to recovery.

Inground Pool Repair
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